Over time, MAR.GA. has specialized in the installation of industrial (for business premises) and residential (private homes) electrical systems, adapted each time to satisfy customers’ demands.

MAR.GA. also handles domotics, TV antennas, smoke detection and suppression systems, each time creating a user-friendly system which adapts to each and every need.

Our technicians work in total safety and with the highest level of professionalism, guaranteeing a service which always meets requirements, leaving no room for errors; the result is always excellent and executed in strict compliance with professional standards.

At MAR.GA. we understand just how important it is to have the certainty of installing a system which is compliant with the law and functions at any time and under any condition: this is why our goal is to try and create a seamless synergy with our customers, right from the start, to implement a project which is as much as possible “made to measure”.

Any job undertaken by MAR.GA. is cared for in every detail: from the idea, to the procurement of high quality materials, until its completion. Excellent results are achieved but, above all, the most unthinkable requests are satisfied each and every time.

MAR.GA. also offers the possibility to purchase an “all-inclusive” package, which allows the customer to delegate the entire work to our technicians. All that will be left for him to do is test the work once it is completed. For MAR.GA., the most important thing is to make you smile. Every time.

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