Are you a company with several premises to manage and do you want one point of contact for all your electrical, plumbing and appraisal needs?
You need to create an air-conditioning?
Do you own a property or a business premises and need to have it checked out to verify the correct operation of your systems?
Are your control units not functioning properly and do you want to understand why?
Do you want to assess the idea of re-modernizing your property by creating a new system of domotics?

The answer is always the same and a single point of reference: MAR.GA. SERVICES.

One point of contact, for any kind of technical maintenance!

Besides offering a design and construction service, MAR.GA. SERVICES also handles the maintenance of buildings through an accurate appraisal, performed by highly qualified staff who is always up-to-date on safety matters.

The correct operation of the systems is a very important aspect for all companies, but also for private homes, in addition to all business activities.

In addition to requiring a perfect installation, it is essential that it is not neglected over long periods of time. Providing ongoing maintenance and a periodic control of the systems exponentially limits the probability of running into irreparable faults of the entire equipment and the single components installed in it (from cables to pipes, from terminals to connections) but also to encounter inefficiencies which could inevitably lead to increasing inconvenience, in addition to an exponential loss of productivity in the case of a commercial premises.

Our technicians will carry out detailed checks on the structures of your property and, at the end of an in-depth appraisal, advise you on the work to undertake and on the interventions which need to be carried out.

Call us for a free estimate and to make an appointment with one of our technicians, who will check the condition of your systems and, if necessary, execute the works.